At anchor – Cape Verde


December 4,  2017

Heeeeeyy dear reader,
It is really hot here, I mean really!! 28 degrees! (celcius)
And yes, I just did go for a swim;-) of course! Elskarin, one of the mates went home this morning and while Paul and Jelle brought her to the airport, we could go for a swim! Lovely! We were at anchor , close to the isle of ‘Sal’ of Cape Verde.
And now we are sailing to Mindelo, Sao Vincente and it is the plan that we will arrive there tomorrownight. Sooo, I just did Africa! Amazing!!! Adjusting our watches again… minus 2 hours regarding to the Netherlands.

It is kind of funny, but there are a lot of flies on the ship… I did not expect that at all!
We fish a lot! And this week there was a FLYING FISH on deck within 140 hours. We bet all the time on several things, so also when the next flying fish would land on deck. Everybody thought it would be withing 70 hours…
Together with Hanne (biology teacher), I cut the fish open… pretty dirty, yet cool. I did it!!

20171108 Sam & Jelle vissen
Sam (captain) and Jelle (the chef) fishing

Yesterday we had the best activity ever, and I really needed it to.
The story: there has been a lot of mouldy vegetables, which we all had to throw away. Sam lectured a lot about it, yet it didn’t work. And there was more. Sam and Pascal felt that we were not a close group yet. So things needed to change!
So yesterday after lunch all students had to come together and in order of our track numbers we had to give feedback to somebody and say something positive.
The other person was allowed to say something back to the group.

Wauw, this was really beautiful, I saw people shine and grow!!
And you can notice the difference allready, we are mingle more, we hug eachother and people where crying in public. It was scary and it was very nice to do this with eachother!

I got a lot of positive feedback, yet I had to pay attention to give feedback in a kind way. Working on that!

In the middle is Elskarin – the mate who went home

How is school going?
I find the math chapter in my book really difficult and I don’t want to ask for help. Now I thougth that I would skip this chapter and move on to the next. Fien (my friend) is allready at the next chapter so we can do it together and help eachother.
My goal in this is to ask for help… I want to talk again to Eva (my mentor) and ask if she can keep track more of what I am doing. Ask me what I am doing. She used to do this, yet she stopped and I really need her to do this more often.

Regular goal: mingle more with the group and the people I don’t know well yet.

My gratitude:
* the great talk and giving positive feedback we did with the whole group yesterday.
* I am very gratefull for my friend Fien. Some days ago I was lying on my bed, and I heard Fien singing  and laughing in the kitchen. It felt so good, I just had to laugh out loud!
* That I found a way to deal with school: I study outside! If the wind is soft I can concentrate better. I hear the water against the boat, which is good.

My Successes:
* Sam sees that I am improving my performance, which is really chill.
* The food I made was really good! Stew and potatoes!! It was Sam’s birthday and this is his favorate! He loved it!
This was also the day we were all in the swimmingpool on deck of the boat!!
* The Santaclaus poem I had to make for Fien is done! Aad (Adriënne) liked it. I found it difficult to make that poem, yet it it okay!

Some other stuff… 
> I never had as much bruising as I do now!!
> My back really acking from this bed…
> And oh my spelling is getting worse and worse! Really! My vocabulary is getting better as Floris is teaching me stuff.
> I just fell with Cas and now my knee on the right is hurting and feeling funny! Just like I had on the left side… The doctor (on board) said that I should be carefull and do the excersises!

At this moment we are sailing  7,5 knots… with the sails!! Which means we will arrive tomorrow morning at 5 AM at the next isle of Cape Verde!

Joehoeee, every day I like my trip more and more, so I will be okay!!! Now I will work on my schoolwork. Tonight I have my watch again from 5-9 PM!
Cheeriooooo!!! XXX


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