From IJmuiden to Madeira


Dear all!!!
Where can I start… so much is happening!!
First, I am doing GREAT!  

I’ll begin at the beginning, the departure on October 27!
The first 20 minutes at sea, fantastic! We were all on the front of the Thalassa, enjoying the high waves, the fact that we are finally going! The waves were so high and it was getting cold, so hop, we had to put our sailingsuite on… and then it happened… You should have seen me!! After 10 minutes I had my head in the loo, hihi. I was the first one to go! After me, the rest went to. I had to throw up for 8 times, I thought this feeling would never leave. Cas and I supported eachother in this. After the night sleep (the best up untill now!) I felt a lot better and I didn’t have to throw up anymore, lucky me!

Now on November 4, the whole ship still has this smell of poop and vomit, there is to much water in the  watertank. The loo is locked most of the time…
(note from a salesman: this is commen sence on a sailingboat)

On Tuesday, Ocotber 28, we set our anchor near the coast of England, went fishing and had a great sunset; purple and orange.

The next day we had our first birthday on board! Happy Birthday Stijn! We decorated the boat with garlands and Stijn was totally happy with the surprisebox he got from his parents. So now I am very curious about my own surprisebox … but my birthday is on March 22…. 2018….
Together with Nanne and Fien I cleaned the railing from all the vomiting. I started planning school ánd we sailed for the first time!!
I also learned a new game of cards, called ‘stress’. I will teach you that, daddy. Be prepared 😉 No wind today, but we had sun, so I got a bit of a sunburn while I was reading outside.

Friday, October 31
Wauw, we saw DOLPHINS!! For the very first time! Awesome!! So cool!!! Together with Floris and Fien we watched them for 40 minutes. Really great!

And I climbed into the pole, superhigh!! Proud of myself!
And Dirk he caught a sparrow! We called him ‘Muslie’ (in Dutch a sparrow is called ‘mus’) and we released him on La Coruña.


We also had some Spanish lessons, which is fun!
And there is a new schedule for the watchkeeping… not funny! Not once I can join the others for breakfast or diner… I only get to see them with lunch and on a schoolday…

Bye bye everybody!!!
Next time I will probably be on Tenerife!
Xxxxx  van Minke


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