11/11 Greetings from Madeira

20171108 Madeira
Hello everyone!
Oh yes, I have sailed the Thalassa!! And it was awesome! I really had to learn how to do it… so in the beginning I was a bit clumsy, now I am getting the hang of it.
It is so different from the small boats I normally sail on!

DSC_6384This is a “Randmeer”. (And that’s me on the right)

The other night was just great; totally dark, the sky filled with stars ⭐💫🌟✨ (actually it’s like that every nigth), we sailed off wind (down), I was perfectly on track en we did 8 knots. WAUW, what an awesome feeling!!!! At that moment I was the one  who had the whole ship in my hands. SOOO COOL!! 😎

School is okay. This week I only had 2 days of school and I way to much on my planning… My coach Eva gave me some advise on this. I wright summaries on waitingday and I learn them on schoolday.

Wednesday, November 8- 2017
Arriving in Porta Santo, Madeira!
The next day we went to town and had some fun making pictures with Fien, Annick and Caya.
On Friday I had my kitchen service together with Annick and Mariana. We really made a good meal! We baked 100 pancakes for lunch, avocado with bread for teatime and for diner we made salade with lentils. Yammie!

And oooooooohhh I want to swim in the sea 👙!! Together with my friend Fien!
Coming Monday we will arrive at Tenerife!!

I really wonder what you are all doing and there are times I really miss being with you.

I didn’t know the Volvo Ocean Race was close to us. But I do know there is another School at Sea from Germany which is here. And we overtook them! They were also in Porto Santo and they left early for Tenerife. So now we are busy catching up with them!

Now it’s Saturday, November 11, 9:50 PM and I just finished my wait. I am going to relax for a while and then… I will go to my VERY VERY HARD BED…. aaaarrgghh… where I will swing from left to right…  😴😴😴
Tomorrow we can sleep in… for 1 hour because it is Sunday!
Oh yeah, I fell down the stairs so I have bruises all over my body.

I love you all very much!! Lots of kisses!!!!
Minke 💋

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